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Under Idaho law, the primary duty to investigate and prosecute criminal cases falls upon county sheriffs and prosecutors. Only in rare instances, does the Attorney General have concurrent criminal jurisdiction. However, in 2014 the legislature passed a law tasking the Attorney General with the duty to investigate complaints against elected county officials.

Consistent with this statutory assignment of responsibility, I created a Public Corruption Unit within the Criminal Law Division of my office. During the last year, we received 86 complaints of public corruption. Of those complaints, 70 were determined to be outside the authority granted by Idaho Code ยง 31-2002.   The vast majority of the remainder were accepted for preliminary investigation and one matter was referred to a county prosecutor.

   I take my responsibility to investigate these cases of public corruption seriously and will continue to make investigation and prosecution of these cases one of my highest priorities. You can read about the Public Corruption duties of the Attorney General here.