Lawrence Wasden, Experience Counts


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consumer-smallProtecting Idaho consumers from fraud is a daily responsibility. My office has handled nearly 19,000 consumer complaints and undertaken hundreds of enforcement actions. We have recovered more than $32 million in costs and penalties. It is vital to protect the level playing field for a free market. Every business person should have equal opportunity--from the largest employer in the state to the corner mom and pop grocery store.

This consumer protection extends to drug sales. As your attorney general, I have recovered nearly $28 million from more than 33 prescription drug manufacturers that practiced illegal marketing and other activities. As an office, we have obtained about 10 million dollars in direct payments to more than 6500 Idahoans for improper mortgage foreclosure.

Thousands more Idaho homeowners received principle reductions or rate reduction or other relief amounting to about 100 million dollars.

I have also defended Idaho’s payments from tobacco companies that amounts to about 25 to 30 million dollars per year.

In total, Idaho has recovered more than $350 million from Big Tobacco.


statelandWe must continue to reform the wise stewardship of our state endowment lands to obtain the maximum long-term financial return for our schools and our children.

As one of your Constitutional members of the Idaho Land Board, I challenged the cottage site rules and increased returns to the state by approximately $3 million a year.



waterIdaho’s Water - We are saving the life blood of our state. I am championing the protection of Idaho’s sovereign water rights. Through efforts like the Snake River Basin Adjudication process, we are protecting those who own our state's water. Idaho's right to control our water must be protected and it is a responsibility I take extremely seriously.